Dr Navneet Kaur Bal

BDS Intern

Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Amritsar (Punjab) India

The term cancer, by itself evokes a sense of morbidity and mortality among the medical fraternity as well as in general population. Cancer of mouth is a serious condition; with just over half of the afflicted individuals surviving over 5 years. The application of biological tools to the study of oral cancer has significantly advanced the field of human cancer research. The spectrum of research activities aims at reducing the incidence and increasing the early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer ranges from basic science laboratory research to human clinical trials. Detecting oral cancer at a premalignant phase would allow for conservative therapeutic approaches with a brief recovery period, more favourable prognosis, increased probability of cure and reduced incidences of disfigurement, morbidity and mortality. The underlying essence in the diagnosis of oral epithelial premalignant lesions is the concern of these lesions with regards to their malignant transformations. This review paper attempts to make the clinician/ dental surgeon aware of the basic and advanced laboratory techniques in diagnosis of oral cancer.
Under the guidance of:
Dr. Adesh  Manchanda
Reader at  Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Dental Sciences and Research
Amritsar (Punjab) India.