Prostho-Perio Relationship

Dr.N. Shanmuganathan,M.D.S.,

Professor, Department of Prosthodontics,

Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, India

The preservation of a healthy periodontal attachment is the most significant factor in the long term prognosis of a restored tooth. The ideal goal for prosthodontic work should be to make conditions adjacent to fixed single crowns and bridges as favorable as around natural teeth and not to initiate pathological processes that may endanger the longevity of the abutment tooth. Relationship between periodontal health and the restoration of teeth is intimate and inseparable. For restorations to survive long term, the periodontium must remain healthy so that the teeth are maintained. For the periodontium to remain healthy, restorations must be critically managed in several areas so that they are in harmony with their surrounding periodontal tissues. The following paper will be explaining in detail about the prostho-perio relationship.