Poster Presentation

Analysis of mandibular morphology on Deutro Malay sub-race students in University of Sumatera Utara age 18-25 years using cephalometric radiography

Dr Trelia Boel, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry

University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Aim : Race is an important concept for study of human variation as human differ from one another. Growth and development of the human face provides a fascinating interplay of form and function. Among the various facial bones, the mandible is unique as it is the only movable component of mastication suspended by various muscles and ligaments. Morphological changes of the mandible vary in different races correlating with individual’s age and gender. This study aimed to determine the mean value of gonial angle, ramus height, mandibular length, height of symphyseal, width of symphyseal, anterior facial height and posterior facial height on Deutro Malay sub-race students using cephalometric radiography.

Materials and Method: 

The morphology of the mandible can be influenced by several factors such as age and race. Accurate measurements of the mandible parameters can affect a treatment especially in surgery or orthodontic and also forensic experts in determining an ethnicity and gender. The type of this research is descriptive. The sampling method used is purposive sampling from 92 students of University of Sumatera Utara Deutro Malay sub-race aged from 18-25 years.
The results obtained from this experiment is the mean value of gonial angle is 123.54°, ramus height is 43,67mm, mandibular length is 74.75mm, height of symphyseal is 20.53mm, width of symphyseal is 14mm, anterior facial height is 108,18 and posterior facial height is 75.53mm. In comparison between gender, the mean value of gonial angle obtained from female is 124.07°, ramus height is 43.01mm, mandibular length is 73.96mm, height of symphyseal is 19.89mm, width of symphyseal is 13.67, anterior facial height is 106.12mm and posterior facial height is 73.64mm. The mean value of gonial angle from male is 121.87°, ramus height is 45.78mm, mandibular length is 77.27mm, height of symphyseal is 22.57mm, width of symphyseal is 15.03, anterior facial height is 114.75mm and posterior facial height is 81.54mm.
In conclusion, there are significant differences in the mean value of the parameters based on Deutro Malay sub-race compared to other races. In addition, the mean value of the mandibular morphology parameters of the Deutro Malay sub-race is greater in male than female subjects.
Keywords: morphology, mandible, parameters, Deutro Malay sub-race, cephalometric radiography #WORLDENTORAL