Poster Presentation

Effects of of Autocured vs. Photocured Resin Cements

DR.Ayman Aldharrab

Professor, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.

To evaluate the effect of dual curing vs. chemical curing on mechanical properties of contemporary self-etching (SE) resin. 
Seven SE resin cements were tested: a. Rely x unicem (3M ESPE); b. Embrace wetbond (Pulpdent); c. Multilink sprint (Ivoclar); d. Biscem (Bisco); e. G-cem (GC); f. Monocem (shofu); g. Multilink automix (Ivoclar). Flexural strength (FS) and Elasticity modulus (EM) were determined on bar-shaped specimens (2 x 2 x 25 mm). Compressive strength (CS) was measured on cylinder-shaped specimens (6 x 4mm). The freshly mixed cements were placed into Teflon molds. Ten specimens were dual cured using Triad curing machine for one minute. Other ten specimens were tested after chemical curing only. FS, EM and CS tested under the Instron Universal Testing machine (0.5 mm/min). Data was analyzed for significant differences using ANOVA and multiple comparison tests.
The mean of (CS), (FS), (EM) and SD are shown in the following table:
Test Curing method Embrace Wetbond Monocem Biscem G-cem Multilink Sprint Multilink Automix Rely X Unicem
CS Dual 236.3(44) 267(21.6) 204(15) 211(16.5) 198.5(10.7) 300(21.6) 204(14)
CS Chemical 214(21) 225(34.7) 205.5(23.5) 200(14.5) 188.8(7.8) 309(17) 184.6(11)
FS Dual 88.4(13.4) 75(13.7) 91(16) 77(12.3) 99(17.8) 116.9(6) 80.6(11.6)
FS Chemical 42(10) 53(16.5) 71(13) 59(9.3) 75(19) 100.8(7.6) 62.6(8.2)
EM Dual 2746(508) 2036(420) 6813(632) 7675(1161) 6272(394) 6313(336) 6911(832)
EM Chemical 897(298) 1089(444) 5367(875) 5481(496) 3599(1332) 5425(320) 832(407)
The dual cure cements reported significantly higher CS, FS and EM (P<0.05) than all the other material tested after chemical curing only.