Poster Presentation

Criteria for Selection of Restorative Materials in Permanent Dentition: A Literature Review

Alanoud Alrabiah

Princess Norah University – College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia

Aim: The aim of this article is to select the suitable restorative marital to restore carious or non-carious permanent teeth.

Materials and Methods: The articles used in this paper were selected from Mid-line PubMed and Saudi digital library database using key words: selection, permeant teeth, restorations placement, direct restorations and indirect restorations with language limited to English. The articles selected were published from 1990 up to 2017. 20 articles were originally found but 8 articles were excluded.

Results: The results of the present research reviewed that the type of the restorative material depends on several factors: patient’s risk for lesion’s development and age, size of the cavity, surface involvement, tooth position, patient’s and operator’s preference and according to FDI clinical criteria.

Conclusion: From the evidence reviewed, there is no material can be placed in all cases. This article helps to identify how to choose which restorative material to place depending on several factors and also the case present.