Oral Presentation

Comparison of dental & periodontal problems in liver and renal failure patients with normal population

Author & Co-Authors: Mohamad-Reza Salahi, Mohammad mehdi Fani, Heshmatollah Salahi, Roohollah Salahi,Abdolaziz haghnegahdar

Dentist, Iran

Transplantation is the best treatment for organ failure.(1) However  the patients who have to undergo transplantation should wait for a long time, and this  might contribute to developing  some complications.. Moreover, after excessive search in medical journals, we found that previous studies mostly have focused on the oral cavity in the transplant patients, in chronic renal failure and in liver disease, however, there are few studies which evaluate dental health status and radiographic evaluation in liver failure or renal failure patients.This motivated us to conduct the present study to compare the renal failure and liver failure patients with normal people with regard to the findings of oral cavity and oral plain radiography.

Methods: This is descriptive study conducted on the patients with chronic renal or liver failure who were registered for transplantation on the waiting list,in Nemazee hospital transplant center. Oral examinations and oral plain graphy were requested. Having consulted the statistic professor,we assign the participants to three groups : choronic renal failure CRF (n:50), liver disese (n:50), and normal group (n:50). The data were entered in SPSS and were analyzed.

Results:The three groups participated in the present study were the normal group (n:50), CRF group (n:50), and liver failure (n:50) group. Gingival recession was observed in 16, 23, and 33 patients in Normal, CRF group, and liver failure group respectively (P.value<0.05). We also noticed   bone loss in 13, 23, and 29 patients in normal group, CRF, liver failure group (p.value: 0.002).

The mean number  for missing teeth, the teeth needed extraction, the teeth needed root canal therapy, the teeth for which root canal therapy had alrady  been performed, the teeth that had been filled before the study , and the teeth in need of  filling for the liver failure group was more than that in the normal group. ( The P.value was <0.05), however,the mean  for CRF group was significantly lower  than that for the  normal group (p.value<0.05). compared with the normal group The mean number  for missing teeth in CRD group was significantly higher.

Conclusion:Gingival recession and bone loss in liver failure and chronic kidney disease group  were significantly more than that in the  normal group.The prevalence of caries was lower in CRF patients compared with the normal group;in contrast,missing teeth,filled teeth.dental filling and root canal therapy were lower in the liver failure patients than that in  the normal group. Missing teeth was more prevalent in chronic kidney disease than normal group.