Dr Linda Greenwall

Dr Linda Greenwall

Dr Linda Greenwall

  • Dr Greenwall is an international lecturer and an authority on tooth whitening, aesthetic dentistry and practice management. As well as running a multidisciplinary private practice in Hampstead, London, where she works with a specialist team in the practice (endodontist, periodontist, implant surgeon, oral surgeon and orthodontist), she is a past Chair for the Alpha Omega Society (2012/13), Editor-in-Chief of the journal Aesthetic Dentistry Today, and is past President of the Metropolitan London Branch of the British Dental Association (2015/2016). In March 2016 she was awarded the FMC Award for Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry.

    S P E A K E R

    Her first book, Bleaching Techniques in Restorative Dentistry, won the award for Best New Dental Book in 2001 – the new edition of this book, Tooth Whitening Techniques, was published in May 2017. Her book Success Strategies for the Aesthetic Dental Practice was published by Quintessence in 2011. She has written many papers for scientific journals.

    In June 2017 she was honoured by the Queen in her birthday honours to receive the British Empire Medal for her Service to Dentistry in the UK and Abroad. The medal ceremony was held on 17 November 2017 at the Tower of London.

    In 2011, Dr Greenwall established the Dental Wellness Trust Charity which has the motto “Oral Health through Dental Wellness. The charity runs innovate oral health programmes to the less fortunate Communites and reaches 10 000 children daily in the townships of South Africa.

    White, Whiter, Whitest:  Success strategies for Predictable Advanced Tooth Whitening 2018

    Course description:

    This course covers the current tooth whitening techniques used in dental practice, focusing on new whitening innovations for 2018.

    Discussing the classification of bleaching techniques into three categories is vital, in order to assist with predicable treatment planning for the various tooth whitening programmes required to obtain successful outcomes. The evaluation of new patients requesting bleaching will be explained along with the management of bleaching related sensitivity and further associated problems that may arise.

    The question of ‘how white, is white enough’ as well as issues related to bleachorexia, the concept of why tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and not for whitening kiosks will be addressed.

    The course also elaborates on all tooth bleaching techniques and how to combine these treatments with further aesthetic dentistry.


    To provide delegates with an in-depth knowledge of tooth whitening and dental bleaching to achieve successful results for their patients and practice.


    By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

    1. Explain the scientific basis of bleaching, having acquired knowledge and understanding of the process.
    2. Summarize key points of the EU directive concerning tooth whitening products
    3. Identify the various dental bleaching techniques
    4. Clarify the answers to patients’ questions and concerns regarding dental bleaching
    5. Summarize the causes of sensitivity and patient management during treatment
    6. Apply the knowledge of shade assessments for dental bleaching
    7. Use the knowledge gained to implement dental bleaching photography, following the standard images required
    8. Recognize the consent process and information patients require prior to undertaking tooth whitening procedures
    9. Discuss strategies to manage problems associated with tooth whitening and dental bleaching

    GDC Development Outcomes

    The course meets and links with the GDC Development Outcomes relating to the Standards for the dental team.


    A – Effective communication with patients and the dental team

    • Informed consent – delegates learn how tooth whitening works so that they can explain this to patients
    • Managing patient expectations
    • Answering patients’ questions


    B – Effective management of self and work with others in the dental team

    • Examination, correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning to ensure delivery of the most appropriate treatment(s)


    C – Maintenance and development of knowledge and skills

    • Explain the types of tooth whitening treatments available and apply the most appropriate

    treatment option to meet the patient’s needs.

    • Clarify the answers to patient’s questions
    • Apply the correct techniques for shade assessment
    • Implement dental bleaching photography, following the standard images required


    D – Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which maintain patient confidence

    • Following the EU Directive when providing tooth whitening treatment
    • Comprehensive examination, diagnosis, treatment planning & prescription
    • Attending courses and updating knowledge


    Principle 1 Put patients’ interests first
    Principle 2 Communicate effectively with patients
    Principle 3 Obtain valid consent
    Principle 4 Maintain and protect patients’ information
    Principle 5 Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
    Principle 6 Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests
    Principle 7 Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills
    Principle 8 Raise concerns if patients are at risk